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Our comprehensive inventory management solution offers a complete set of inventory management, manufacturing and purchasing capabilities that improves supply chain management and delivers an end-to-end, procure-to-pay process for growing, midsize businesses.

​Key Features

  • Inventory Control: Improve inventory control through automatically updated stock levels whenever sales and purchases are made.

  • Inventory Tracking and Optimisation: Fully automated tracking of sotck levels and ordering to ensure that you never over stock or under stock your inventory again.

  • Multi Warehouse: Manage inventory at multiple warehouses and inventory locations efficiently across all locations on a single platform.

  • Order Management: Fully automated synchronisation of orders with your inventory to increase your business efficiency from order creation to fulfillment.

  • Mobile Enabled: system is fully functional on a mobile to enable you to manage your products, customers and orders from anywhere. For iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

  • Sales Reports: Access accurate sales reports that offer insights for better business decisions, all in real time.

  • Purchasing: Create purchase orders that update inventory levels automatically while ensuring data accuracy.

  • Backordering: Streamline your inventory operations with backordering by pre-ordering inventory and fulfilling orders on time.

  • ​CRM: Get all your customer and supplier data in one place that automatically records all your customer’s order history.

  • Order Fulfillment: 

  • Now you’re able to automate and control your order fulfillment in a greater volume and at lower costs

  • Accounting: Automate your invoicing and gain greater visibility over costs and profits with our multi-currency pricing and more.

From Only R1,100 per month

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